Thursday, February 6, 2014

Forthcoming, 2015: Fel Santos, All Convulsions

Creature Press is thrilled to announce its first venture into full-length projects. Sometime next year, we will be publishing Fel Santos' book All Convulsions. Santos is a dynamic sound poet from Woodside, NYC (a neighborhood in Queens), so it will be exciting to see how he "translates" his work into page-based book-form.

Here is a sample of Santos' work, a recent collaboration with electronic artist David Mason:

The Slumbering Creature Stirs, Cracks an Eye

Creature Press has been hibernating, but the weather's giving way, and there are things that need to be foraged for and also fashioned. Please stay tuned for news and new projects, all coming soon but in staggered, staggering steps. "Keep your ears peeled," as they say around these parts.