Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Introducing: 'Absolute Hist,' by Cecil Church

Creature Press is proud to announce the publication of its fourth chapbook, ABSOLUTE HIST, an enigmatic pamphlet by the reclusive Cecil Church. The book, produced in an edition of 75, is quarto-size; its cover is made of re-purposed material; and the black text within (14 pt. Garamond) is printed on black paper (30 lb. linen). The words, like scratches on a shard of raw coal, are at first difficult to make out, but with dexterity and devotion they are plainly legible. You are invited to investigate.

ABSOLUTE HIST will be for sale at the upcoming New York Book Fair Expo on October 10th (link for the details); they may also be purchased below.

$7 each (includes shipping)


  1. I'd like to purchase a few. How would I do that?

  2. excellent and mysterious little chapbook, both poetical and ironic -- I just read it tonight. congrats to creature press and to cecil church.