Thursday, April 29, 2010

It is my great pleasure to introduce:

B O X E S: poetry ready-to-hand.

3 new chapbooks, each consisting of 20 loose pages in a small cardboard box:

  • Yuko Otomo, "A Voice That Crawls in the Sky" SOLD OUT!
  • Paolo Javier, "The Feeling is Actual"
  • Tonya Foster, "Bibliography"

Carry them with you! Mix-and-match the loose leaves! Throw away the ones you don’t like! Save your favorites! Collect all three boxes! Use the pages to jot notes! As tokens to send with letters! To practice origami! To wipe up messes!

These, we hope, are books that aren’t quite books, that disrupt expectations but in a good-faith manner, that gently dictate a fundamental shift in reading practice, while also inviting/daring more radical, more promiscuous approaches to the object(s): shuffling pages within a box; exchanging pages between different boxes; folding, crumbling, discarding certain pages; using pages for other purposes, practical or capricious.

Here are the specs for each BOX-BOOK, the dimensional facts of the vehicle each writer worked with and within:

  • 20 unbound, unnumbered rectangular pages (4 ¼" x 4 ½").
  • Fixed margins on all 4 sides, leaving exactly 15 lines-worth of space for 12 pt. Franklin Gothic Medium, the uniformly employed typeface.
  • Office-pink paper, standard 20 lb.
  • Thin, brown chip-board box housing [4 ¾ square]; an exoskeleton in place of the standard endoskeletal spine that structures most books.
  • Each work’s title is hand-stamped in black capital letters on the exterior face of the box, and the author’s name is stamped in lowercase below the title.
Each chapbook has been produced in an edition of 50. Some of these will be available directly from the authors, and the rest may be purchased via this website or in select bookstores. Details forthcoming; email Felix for more information. OR, if you want a first-hand look-see and a chance to snag one or more books, consider visiting Creature Press at the CUNY chapbook festival, info right underneath these words!

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