Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Chapbook: Sarah Campbell, *What You Thought Was a Book*

Creature Press is thrilled to publish a new chapbook from small-poem master Sarah Campbell, whose other books include Everything We Could Ask For  (Little Red Leaves) and We Used to Be Generals (Further Other Book Works). What You Thought Was a Book consists of 13 brilliantly spare, bent poems strewn across both sides of a 24 lb. sheet of 100% cotton paper. Each sheet has been slowly and carefully crumpled, then placed into a chipboard box.

As you open / un-crumple the book—glimpsing text, turning the object, straightening paper—you will find another and another poem. Open and close the book again and again, rearranging its shape to feature a different poem each time. Place the book on a desk or shelf so that some given text stares out. Next day, re-open and re-crumple the paper so a different poem is presented. And so on. 

Don't leave the book boxed or shelved, though. Carry it around with you; read and re-read; feel the paper soften; let wear and tear mark these elusive yet companionable, probing poems as lived-with, well-known, which they certainly deserve to be.

Edition of 75. Purchase below.


Whether Under Sunlight or During the Night

Throw out all the lists
It could be you

To the Suburb of Sleep

They get nowhere
Wringing the sheets
Turning blue and folding

$4 each (shipping included)